Privacy Policy

Here at Noble Battery, we care for our consumers and respect their privacy to a great extent. We value their belief and respect their trust. Each time you make a purchase on our portal, a certain amount of data is taken to closure your deal. This data is only used by our team of enthusiastic employees. We like to guide our customers to read the privacy policy sincerely before making any purchase.

What do we know about you?

The website helps you navigate through a wide variety of products and in order to do this, we will hold certain information which is helpful to serve your needs better. This data will be shared with our potential suppliers who serve you by delivering the products. In this process, we may be in possession of your personal information. In the case of any disclosure, we believe to have done it by the law or in the good belief that such disclosures were of high necessity. Also, these details may be enclosed to law enforcement officers, third-party rights holders in good faith in order to keep the deals and activities safe and secure. It helps to protect the rights associated with users, in general, the public. Any sort of disclosures is only done in good faith to uphold our privacy policy. We would also like to declare that if Noble Battery decides to merge with other benefactors, it shall have full rights to share all the details of the consumers completely in order to honor our reliability. Also, the companies associated with this will also follow the same privacy policy with a limited number of amendments, and more information will be provided about this in their privacy policy.

Cookies: Purpose & Usage

A Cookie is a term used to explain the information stored on your hard drive and acts for record-holding purposes. When there is a new visitor, the way you use our website can be known, and that is stored in a specific something called Cookie. The purpose of this feature is to hold your interests and preferences so that we can help you with it when you visit us again. If you do not want your preferences to be stored, you can just simply refuse to hold any Cookies and the next time you visit us, it’ll be just like your first time. Third-party service providers are hired in order to post ads on our behalf on our websites and every time you visit the website; they may hold your information and your interaction with our products & services. No personal information will be collected. By visiting us, you permit us to access your complete database based on our necessities and requirements. We also hold all rights to make changes to the policy whenever required without prior announcements. This will be in the best interest of both the client and the company.


If the website or contents on it are seen to have been maliciously copied or used without the company’s approval, serious, necessary legal actions can be taken. You’re not supposed to distribute, modify or make any sort of changes without given permissions.


Everything that is involved and made by the company Noble Battery is under strict copyright rule. The company’s name, logo, designs, descriptions, slogans, distributed services and products, all these are compiled in the copyrights and trademarks clauses. Any usage of these without required approval is considerable for serious punishment under the law. All these are part of the company’s activity, and you may not use any of this for your own personal benefit. You may not reproduce, derive or modify any of it for the purpose of selling it for a commercial purpose.


Noble Battery is an independent, dignified firm that respects others’ involvement with the company both directly and indirectly. If you feel any of our work is copied or plagiarized that causes necessary breaking of the copyrights laws, feel free to write to us on our company’s website. We shall look into the issue with sincerity and honesty.


Under no circumstances will Noble Battery be responsible in any way for any special indirect or incidental damages occurred with this agreement. This is with respect to being told about the damage in prior as well.